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Ovens, Ranges, Stovetops

Ovens and Ranges:

Science Appliance services and repairs most major brands of ovens and ranges.


 cooktop burner


Common oven/range problems include:

  • Not heating
  • Incorrect temperature
  • Time bake not working
  • Door will not seal
  • Oven cooks unevenly
  • Door gets hot





We service and repair most major brands and types of stovetops.


Common stovetop problems include:

  • Broken or missing knobs
  • Coils not heating (electric)
  • Damaged coils (electric)
  • Burner not lighting (gas)

stovetop cleaning tips


Please visit our Services page to see a more comprehensive list of brands we repair. Both a labor and part Warranty come standard on all repairs done by Science Appliance!


Check out our Maintenance Tips for some things you can do to extend the life of your oven, range, or stovetop. Also be sure to “like” us on Facebook for kitchen tricks and household tips!


If you have a malfunctioning oven, range, or stovetop,

please Contact us today at 806-730-5727 to schedule your appointment!

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