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Repair vs. Replace

Home appliances play an important part in our daily lives. We use these appliances to help feed and clothe our families, so a broken machine can mean big problems. On top of having a non-working appliance, you are also faced with the difficult decision whether to repair or replace the device. There are many factors to consider when faced with this question.


Inevitably, we will all experience a malfunctioning appliance at some point in our lives. Every machine will eventually need to be replaced, but repairs can greatly extend the life of an appliance. Repairs are typically more cost effective then buying a new machine. However, it is not always the best decision. You’ll need to consider the likelihood of the device to break again in the future, and availability of parts. 


The average appliance has a standard life cycle. Once your device has passed that point, it may be a good idea to replace it, due to the probability of (and the money that may be spent on) future repairs. If the machine has been discontinued, replacement parts may be technologically obsolete, and no longer available for future repairs.

Many appliance problems are minor and can be repaired at a reasonable price. Repairing broken devices can save plenty of money and prolong the life of your machine for many years to come. It is normal for most major home appliances to require several repairs during the life. By performing our preventative Maintenance Tips, and calling Science Appliance as soon as you suspect a problem, your appliance may be able to exceed the average lifespan.


If you are still struggling with this decision, contact us today to schedule an evaluation. We will diagnosis your appliance, provide you with an estimate, and give you an honest recommendation on whether to repair or replace. In the event that your machine does need to be replaced, our knowledgeable Appliantists can make suggestions on brands, or even referrals to local appliance stores.


if replacing appliance consider existing style and size

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