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Maintenance Tips

Periodic maintenance can help extend the life of your appliances, and minimize costly repairs. Regular upkeep can help improve the appliance’s efficiency, which not only will improve the appliance’s performance, but will also save money on utility bills. We suggest you begin these preventative measures today. Contact Science Appliance today to inquire about our preventative maintenance regimens. “Like” us on Facebook for even more helpful household tips!


Washing Machine:

Inspect the water hoses on your washing machine at least twice a year. Ensure that they are properly tightened. Look for any cracks or signs of weakness. Replace, as needed, with a high quality, stainless steel hose. Defects in the water hose can lead to a leak or burst, resulting in costly flood damage to your home.

Manufacturers washing machine tips recommend replacing hoses once every five years.



Despite regular cleaning, clothes dryer’s lint traps do not catch all of the lint and dust. Much of this debris gets stuck inside of the ductwork, which can create a fire hazard. We recommend cleaning the dryer duct every six months or so. Disconnect the duct from the back of the machine. Using a wet/dry vacuum, clean out as much debris as possible from the duct. Before replacing, vacuum out the ports on the dryer as well.



To help maintain the efficiency of refrigerators, we recommend cleaning the condenser coils twice yearly. Depending on your model, the coils will either be at the rear of the refrigerator, or behind the kickplate on the bottom front. Simply vacuum the coils with a handheld vacuum hose.

Ice Machines:

Most manufacturers recommend regularly cleaning ice makers and machines every two-three months, we suggest cleaning be done monthly due to Lubbock’s calcium rich water. Some brands will have air and/or water filters that will need to be replaced periodically, per manufacturers instructions.



Improper sealing is a common problem with oven doors, and can cause 20% of heat to escape. Periodically inspect the gasket around the door perimeter. Feel for any torn, broken, or defective areas. Replacing the gasket, if needed, can be an easy fix that will help optimize oven performance.



Your dishwasher may have a filter located under the lower spray arm or near the bottom. This filter should be cleaned and inspected per the manufacturer's instructions in the owner's manual. If the filter has any cracks or holes, we recommend replacing it immediately to protect the dishwasher’s pump and motor seals from damage.

 dishwasher tips

Garbage Disposals:

To prevent blockage or dulling of garbage disposals, we suggest running cold water while using disposal. Once the waste has cleared your drain, continue running both water and disposer for a minimum of 30 seconds. Cold water will help prevent any unnecessary overheating, while clearing any excess waste. Hot water is not recommended, as it can melt fat, which may re-solidify and cause a blockage further down.




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